GTI Blue Insurance

GTI Blue Insurance


GTI’s Blue coverage option allows the user to send their devices to us for a free diagnostic check and cleaning. Please send your device and power supply (power cord) to our location, after checking out the GTI Blue coverage. We’ll let you know if there is a problem now, or possible failure points in the future, for free! And GTI will pay for return shipping!

Services provided

Technical phone support allows the convenience of troubleshooting your device with our technicians over the phone, during regular business hours.
Send your device in for a cleaning anytime. The technician will thoroughly check your device for weak connections and solder points. This process extends the shelf-life of the machine.
GTI covers ground return shipping; completing a fast, secure, and convenient process for your device.


Additional information

Type of Account

Consumer, Commercial

Device MSRP Cost

$0 – $499, $500 – $999, $1000 – $1499, $1500 – $1999, $2000 – $3000


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