Updated 4/6/20

At this challenging time our thoughts go out to the millions of  individuals and businesses affected by the pandemic. The global spread of COVID-19 is affecting all of us and we wish each of you, your colleagues and your families’ good health and hope all are safe and well.

Gremark is engage in the electronics repair and distribution of products specific to the ongoing support of pharmacies and essential businesses around the country. Our goal is to provide product and services to our clients in need, to the best of our ability.

USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and LTL transportation is business as usual.

For the safety of our Staff, entry to our premises is by appointment only. For more information or if you need clarification, please contact us.

At this time Gremark Technologies, Inc. is operating as normal with no closures currently planned.  If you need to reach out to us, We can be contacted at any time via email, phone or contact forms found below.

Cleaning Laptops & POS Terminals

For all the individuals working in the retail, hospitality and service industry, we hope you can remain safe through this period. We would like to offer some suggestions regarding disinfecting these devices.

We suggest using 75% alcohol on  aluminum chassis, plastics covers and displays.  Our experience over time has shown 75% alcohol has proven effective to clean these surfaces with no problems to the Laptop and POS materials..  We recommend the following method:

• Turn off your Laptop and/or POS Terminal completely and unplug the power cables if possible.

• Get your cleaning material, such as lint-free cloth and prepare with cleaning solutions (e.g. 75% isopropyl alcohol).

• DO NOT use any cleaning solutions that contains Acetone, Nitric acid or Ammonia.

• Apply cleaning solution only on the cleaning material. Avoid touching eyes and face. Use latex gloves when applying solution.

• Gently wipe the exterior surface in a well ventilated environment. 

On behalf of Gremark, We sincerely wish everyone to remain safe and in good health during these most difficult times.

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